Wednesday, May 25, 2011

these are the days of our lives

Here are some snapshots of the basics of our everyday life in Peru. It is much like our life in the States with lots of Spanish thrown in. Pretty soon it will include days at our knitting warehouse with the ladies.

The kids are obviously so happy to be awake.


Time to head to school. Everyone seems to be in a better mood.


Two hour Spanish class for Blake and me.


{Small siesta for the toddler and narcoleptic.}

Pick up Brady from school.


Lunch and Brady's homework time.


Pick up Ford from school and thirty minutes later pick up Riley.

school picture

Spanish tutoring for Ford and Riley.


Other afternoon activities include jumping on the trampoline, homework, telling Daddy about the school day, and watching some tv in Spanish.

trampoline picture

Afternoon activities for me include studying and Spanish homework.


A normal day in Peru wouldn't be normal unless something went wrong. This day it was our pipes which had a major backup and overflowed in the garage. It was nasty. Apparently there are roots growing in our pipes so it's going to take a little work to get everything flowing again.


Dinnertime. Blake and Riley go out on their date.


Normally, after dinner, one of us washes the dishes and the other washes the kids. We don't have a garbage disposal or dishwasher. We do have hot water in our kitchen which is very unusual in Lima, but we can't run it when someone is in the shower. So, we wash our dinner dishes in cold water like everyone else. Thankfully tonight was a light load.


Bedtime reading.


More studying. This time it's flashcards I made on the computer of almost 200 Spanish verbs and their 12,386 conjugations. It's always a contest between Blake and me.


We finally get to decompress from the day and all of the learning a new language, culture shock, inability to communicate, etc. I go with Fringe and chocolate ice cream (por supuesto). Blake likes to play Settlers of Catan online.



Candace McClintick said...

Thanks for the peek into your day!

Breanne said...

yup, that looks about right :) 2 things i love:
1) your glasses, they're bomb.
2) how you beat blake at flashcards - a little goodfellow competition is always healthy :)

miss you guys and peru. wish i was still there. answer my email ya gypsy.

Anonymous said...

what program do you use for flashcards?

Sarah said...

We use Study Blue for the flash cards. It's for college students, but I just said I was a student at a certain college and picked a class. I really like their flash cards.