Friday, May 13, 2011

i've got to brag on my kids

As I mentioned, the kids just finished their first bimester of Peruvian school. I am just a really proud mama right now for so many reasons. Here's a few that I want to share:

-Their bravery. These kids handled the transition to a new school in a new country with so much maturity and calmness. They walked by themselves into classrooms where they didn't know a soul and more importantly didn't know the dominant language.
-How they handled themselves when things got tough. Each kid struggled these past two months with being around Spanish speakers all day, having their classes in Spanish, taking quizzes and tests in Spanish, discrimination, and adjusting to an extremely different style of teaching (which required them to sit at desks copying notes the majority of the day). Many days they came home from school discouraged. There were lots of tears, but they always got back up and went to school the next day.
-Their persistence in learning Spanish. Riley and Ford are in school from 8-3:30 each day and then come home and work hard on learning Spanish. To sit at a desk for over 7 hours a day and then have (almost always) a great attitude about going to tutoring amazes me.
-Riley ran for class president. She didn't win, but came in second which means she is the president's helper. Riley also had to do a presentation in front of her whole (fluent Spanish speaking) class in Spanish. She rocked it and got the highest grade possible.
-Brady doesn't have a single friend in his class that speaks English. He goes to school everyday knowing he won't be able to talk to anyone. He has watched Riley and Ford make friends and have them over. He told us again last week that he wishes just one person spoke English at his school. Yet Brady always has a smile on his face and rarely complains.
-Riley and Ford both earned an "A" (which is equivalent to a "B" in the States) in Spanish this bimester. They had never spoken a word of Spanish before February.

As I think about all our kids have gone through, I am overcome with thankfulness. I am thankful for a relatively peaceful transition and for God's provision for my kids. I am also so thankful for everyone who has prayed for them. It was a really hard decision to not only move our kids down here, but to throw them into bilingual (for Riley and Ford) and Spanish speaking only (for Brady) schools. We have felt like jerks many, many times. We have questioned ourselves many, many times. We have also made sure to tell our kids over and over since we got here how proud we are of them. One day, each of them is going to feel incompetent about something or scared about an obstacle they are facing and I will point out to them what they overcame when we moved to Peru. I will tell them again that they are the bravest kids I know and that they have already proved how amazing they truly are.

To celebrate the kids' achievements, we did a couple of fun things this week.

We went to the movies and dinner with one of Riley's friends, Daniella, and her family. Daniella has a sister the same age as Tyler.



The zoo! Best part was the price. $10 for all 6 of us. (Plus bathroom fees.) We can't go anywhere as a family for $10 in the States. We got to go to the zoo with one of Ford's friends, Fabrizio, and his family.


Hmmm, that's quite a large opening in that fence there.






These ruins are throughout the zoo. Very cool backdrop.




karamurano said...

love to see them with friends and looking so happy. praying for you guys still and for the future of krochet kids peru.

anonomity said...

Your children are amazing. Your family is amazing! I am so happy to hear you all are adjusting so well.

Sarah said...

Thank you both so much! I feel so blessed by the prayers and encouragement.