Tuesday, May 10, 2011

feliz día de la madre!

Mother's Day is quite the big deal in Peru. All of the schools put on performances for the moms. They practice for weeks and weeks. It was all very sweet and made for a fun Mother's Day this year.

Riley's class sang "Isn't She Lovely?" Riley was so excited (and nervous) to be one of the kids to sing on the microphone.





Ford was his usual self and wanted nothing to do with performing on a stage in front of people. We had to lay down the law and say that while he didn't have to sing, he could not put his hands over his ears (which is what he was doing in rehearsals). He ended up singing a little bit, but would not do the hand motions. He also (understandably) refused to sing the lines that included "kissing" and "sexy."






Brady's school put on a show unlike anything I have ever seen.


The preschool and kindergarten's act was a circus and Brady was the cutest little clown ever.





Just to share how elaborate their performance was, here are some clips of all of the dances from the circus act. Let me reiterate, this was just the preschool/kindergarten act. There were 20 other acts.

And now for the grand finale. Our clown who could not stop grinning ear to ear the entire performance.

I have certainly grieved the "normal" kindergarten experience for Brady many times, but seeing his smile on that stage made me so thankful to be here.



VandD said...

WOW! Talk about a Mother's Day celebration to trump all others!

Very neat! Love the photos.. especially the 'muscle men' in one of the last photos! Very cute!

Breanne said...

Birdie...i LOVE that :) oh my soul that's is such genuine joy on that kid's face. and Mel. oh Mel. so glad all the effort turned out to be worth it - that may go down as your best mothers day in history. you're an awesome mom, glad you felt loved.

Jen said...

This post is awesome!! I've been following your blog for awhile and this one made me so happy! Your kids all looked sooo happy. What an awesome experience for everyone.

And the picture of Tyler pointing at the statue lady....hilarious!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Holey Moley. That is amazing.
Your kids look so happy, I hope they are starting to feel part of their community. And you too!
I am curious if you have connected with any women there and are starting to form beautiful and long lasting relationships. I love their culture and how warm and loving they are. I pray that you have found that.
I laughed at the picture where there is only one white kid in a sea of brown. I have the exact opposite picture of my daughter in her preschool class. In a sea of white kids, she is the only beautifully brown princess.
Sending hugs your way.

Sarah said...

It was so amazing! One of my favorite days in Peru so far.

Anonymous- finding community has been one of the hardest things for us so far. NOT because of Peruvians because, like you said, they are so warm. It is because of me and my inability to speak Spanish. I'm sure as my Spanish comes along so will friendships!