Tuesday, April 5, 2011

feliz navidad

Since we were moving less than a month after Christmas and only taking 12 suitcases on the plane, the kids didn't get many Christmas presents. Instead they got money from grandparents and great-grandparents to spend once we got to Peru. Originally the money was for toys, but we quickly realized that toys here are outrageously expensive. I just couldn't justify spending $30 on 10 Hot Wheels cars or $50 on a board game.

So, the kids decided to pool their money together and get a trampoline. I thought it was an excellent idea since we don't have a neighborhood to play in anymore and the kids only have our yard in which to get their energy out. So far, of course, they are loving it. They even chose to jump yesterday during their tv time. The day we set the trampoline up, Riley said, "This is the best day ever." Little pockets of happiness makes everything else easier.

Setting up the trampoline first thing in the morning.




The kids couldn't bear to be away from the trampoline, so they ate lunch under it.


First jump session.




Tyler may love the trampoline most of all. She is jumping with her Dora doll as I type. I'm so thankful for an activity that will keep the crazy two year old happy for a bit.



Christen Morrow said...

LOVE it! So, so glad!

Erin said...

I love that they chose to purcahse a "family toy" instead. Now they have something the whole family can enjoy for much longer!

karamurano said...

I love seeing the joy in their faces!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what great fun. What a perfect idea, they are smart ones!!

janetfaith said...

that's so great. we miss ours we had. It WAS a great outdoor distraction. A great choice for those kiddos (and for you)
well, natalie will be jealous- tell the fam the Hills say hi!!