Thursday, March 24, 2011

life recently

Back to School Night. Of course Blake didn't understand a word of what was discussed. He thinks the parents were fighting over the start time of school for most of the meeting. This guy served Inca Kola to the parents.


We had a birthday party at our house. Happy Birthday to Sofia and Maddox!


The power went out at the restaurant Blake and I were eating at for our date. We were then treated to a very romantic candlelit dinner. Life in Peru is always full of surprises.


My friend Stephanie and I had dessert at a restaurant set against Inca ruins. Pretty amazing.


With the big kids in school all day I spent a lot of time hanging out with this girl. She sets up her food for a picnic every single day.



Blake has started visiting some of the poorer communities in Lima in an effort to listen, look, pray, and discern where Krochet Kids, Peru will start their program.




Can you imagine? Can you think what it must be like to live in a house this size? To fit your family under this roof every night? To not have a kitchen or water or a toliet?

While we are so thankful for all of the fun stuff in the pictures above, the women we will work with is why we are here. When Blake visited this first community, Villa Maria, the devastation of poverty hit him again. We are not implying that the people in Villa Maria can't live full lives or be joyful, but we do believe there are basic rights that every human being is entitled to. A safe place to live, clean water, food, and proper medical care are among those rights. The need is so great that it is easy to become overwhelmed. If you want to pray that we would find the "right" place for our program we would appreciate it.


Michael J. West said...

Wow. In our country we have no concept of *real* poverty, do we?

Kelly said...

Those pictures of the houses are very humbling. I will be praying for you guys to find the right spot to start Krochet Kids.

Sarah said...

Mike- I know. It's hard though because you don't want to invalidate the experience of living in poverty in the States. There are obviously huge differences- running/clean water being one of the big ones.

Thanks Kelly!

Kimi Finley said...

mmm, wow. the powerful and humbling call on your life hit me as I scrolled down this page. just to know that jesus' hands...feet...eyes (through you and blake) are praying seeking looking for ways to help down there in that community, is deeply moving. you guys inspire me to Him.

Wendy said...