Monday, March 14, 2011

first day of peruvian school, round 2


Brady had his first day of kindergarten today. He was so patient last week waiting to start school. Every day after we dropped Riley and Ford off he would say, "I want to go to school." Last night he said he couldn't sleep because he was so excited.


Brady calls his uniform a costume. He loves having a costume to wear to school. I love how Brady's mind works.



Brady got to ride to school in a taxi. I promise that he was much more excited about that then he seems in the video.


When we got to Brady's school, I asked him to stand in front of it for a picture. This is where he choose to stand.


If you had told me nine months ago that in March Brady would be starting kindergarten in Peru and would get to his first day by taxi, I would have laughed. This certainly wasn't in our plans. But when you tell God that you want Him to use you, I guess you can't be surprised when that happens.


Thankfully Brady loves life and just goes with the flow. He said he loved school and his teacher. He made two friends, but he doesn't know their names (nor the name of his teacher). The only thing he would tell me about his day is that the teacher counts from 20 to 0 and you better be sitting down when she reaches 0. Brady said he can't remember anything else.


To celebrate a successful first day of kindergarten, Brady got his favorite drink, Inca Cola.



Erika said...

i am so glad he is liking his school- that is really wonderful. (((hugs)))

Sarsparilla said...

Peruvian people really do treat children in a more kind and caring way than most western countries offer. I'm glad he liked it, but I'm also glad it's Peru, because that tells me they will love *him* and do anything they can to make him happy.

And well done Mom!

Anonymous said...

Off to a great start! It is only a matter of months (weeks?) and they will be fluent in Spanish!
Good job!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is old enough to go to school! Wow! You guys are doing an awesome job as parents- look at what your kids are learning about loving God and loving people.
Miss ya,

Breanne said...

the dude could not have chosen a better place to stand... awesome.

Anonymous said...

That´s a really good place to stand for a picture Brady. See you at school. Miss Tuti, your english teacher.