Monday, March 21, 2011


As things seem to go around these parts, our Visas (for residence in Peru) didn't come through in time. So, the six of us got to take a little trip to Chile this weekend. We traveled for 8 hours on Saturday, spent the night in a hotel that night, and traveled 8 hours home on Sunday. I just don't have much good to say about this trip, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Bottom line: it was a not so great experience for our family. Other bottom line: we now have 6 months to get our Visas which should be more than enough time.


Here's something positive I can say about our trip: I have never seen this part of the world. The vastness of this desert is incredible. We drove from Tacu, Peru down to Arica, Chile.

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There were a few homes along the way. Our cab driver said these homes are temporary because there is no water close enough to actually live here permanently.


We had to go through four border posts. One to leave Peru, one to enter Chile, one to leave Chile, and one more to come back into Peru. We only had one issue which is par for the course. Peru was making us leave, but then they wouldn't let Blake exit. He had a stamp on his passport (to be able to sign contracts in Peru) and the border police said he couldn't leave without going into the city and paying taxes. We were definitely being watched out for, though, because there was a bilingual man who took up our case. After about 30 minutes of discussion Blake was allowed to leave by signing a statement that he never received rent while in Peru. Seriously, the man who helped us through is my hero. He said that his wife is stationed at the embassy in Tacna and he decided to spend his days at the border making sure that people don't get screwed.


The one hour of fun we had.


Keeping ourselves entertained at the airport.


Going home. We were on one of only three flights out of Tacna for the day.


With everyone sharing a hotel room and beds we didn't get much sleep on our trip. Tyler and Brady called it a day on the cab ride home.




Wendy said...

Ugh! Every photo has "fatigue" written all over it. Sorry for your pain.

And, do we need to have an intervention for Blake's 'stache? :)

Blake said...

I shaved Wendy :)

Wendy said...

Blake, I think you mean to say...

"I shaved, Wendy."

Your lack of a comma makes this conversation very awkward. :)