Monday, February 7, 2011

week 3

Things are finally moving along here in Lima. We did get to move into the house Friday night which was a sweet feeling. Waking up Saturday morning in our own house with the kids running around and the stress of getting into the house gone felt amazing. There are so many things to love about our house. Ford and Brady are constantly climbing the tree in our yard. Our boys are finally forging a friendship which makes me get all weepy. It has long been one of my biggest desires that they have fun together and enjoy each other's company. We have gone from them not being able to share a room a year ago because we woke up to fighting at 5am to wondering where they have disappeared to together. Tyler loves being able to go outside with the big kids. At our old house she rarely got to go outside because it wasn't fenced in. She would look longingly through the windows at the big kids playing outside. Now that we have our own mini-compound she can hang with her siblings. The kids have also loved getting the few toys that we brought with us out (since they had not seen them in almost a month). So, the days don't feel as long now that our kids are finding ways to occupy themselves.



In some ways it feels like we have traded one stress for another. I have a feeling this will be the case for at least another month. Now that we have a house we have to actually furnish it. Which wouldn't be so hard if we spoke Spanish and didn't have to drag 4 kids along with us. Every shopping trip turns into frustrated parents and kids. Keeping an eye on everyone is exhausting. China has been broken by one of our kids. Threats have been made. I think it will be much better for our relationship with our children when this phase is over.

Tyler loving her baby and crib.


Things we have gotten for the house include mattresses, refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove, plates, cups, a few kitchen items, comforters, sheets, shower curtain and mat, and trash cans. Things we have not gotten for the house: couch, beds, dining room table and chairs, dressers, and desk. Basically we don't have one single piece of furniture in our house except mattresses. Actually Blake and I's mattress hasn't been delivered yet so we are going on almost a month of sleeping on an air mattress. There is this American tradition of sitting on a couch at night that I am really missing. Really the tradition of being able to sit on anything other than an air mattress.

Tyler watching Dora on our "bed" while I pull up layers of nasty contact paper.

We still don't have a car, but that hasn't been that hard since we are in a city with a ton of taxis. I have to admit I love living in the city. It has always been a dream of mine. I just always pictured myself in New York City, not a third world city. But as I walked to the grocery store today with the kids it felt really fulfilling. I know that is a strange way to describe it, but realizing this small desire effects so many larger issues in my life. Being a stay at home mom for 9 years in the suburbs, never letting myself hope to live in the city until my kids were grown and out of the house. Yet seeing God fulfill that dream much earlier without me even asking. Obviously, it's not NYC, but Lima is beautiful in it's own ways. We're having fun becoming city folk.

Walking to the grocery store.

I have a lot of more thoughts and feelings going on that I want to share (like how the Super Bowl made me cry), but my posts have been too long lately. More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Lovin your posts!!! Love the house and miss you guys!-- Thrash

Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing your life in Lima! We are praying for you and your family.

Dana said...

Hi. I think the house you are living in is right around the corner from where I grew up -- 3134 Salaveri. Anyway -- I think what you are doing is really amazing... I have a great childhood friend who is Christian with twin 7 year old boys that might help you with this furniture situation. Actually, I have a huge network of wonderful people in Lima that might be helpful to you -- but, Patty would probably love meeting you, and her boys are a hoot. Let me know if you want help -- my email is I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I am loving following your journey. You are living my dream. I have two adopted girls from Guatemala (3 & 5) and my dream is go move to their homeland and give back to the country that has given me so much. I love hearing the details of your life. I feel like if you can do it, so can I. Thank you.
And how cool is it that someone who reads your blog used to live around the block from your new house and may be able to hook you up! What a miracle!
Beatiful home by the way.
Sending prayers your way.

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