Thursday, February 3, 2011

we (almost) have a house!

Tomorrow morning we are for real supposed to sign the contract for the house. Only 7 days after we originally showed up to sign the contract. Apparently it is very time consuming to write a rental contract on a home that you have rented out before. The house still needs a new hot water heater (supposed to be put in today which means he is coming tomorrow) and a pretty thorough cleaning (which will not be done by us). BUT we are committed to sleeping there tomorrow night. We are ready for a home.

For those interested, here is the house...

The outside of the house. Obviously security is a huge issue in Lima. We have this wall with a electric fence on the top of it. (The top level of the house is lived in by the old lady who owns the house. We have the bottom floor with a separate entrance.)

This picture shows the entry doors into our property. Again, with security, you always park your car inside your walls. You can also see the security guard who watches the street (for a small fee).

The front of the house once you come in the door (looking left).

So, obviously, the yard was one of the big selling points. You just don't find many yards like this in the city. This is to your left after coming in the door. (The other big selling point was that the house is one block from the school.)

Now you're back at the door standing right where we will park our car. We will probably use the covered garage in this picture as our main entrance to the house.

Just a cute picture.

This is the covered garage which we are going to use as a playroom and laundry room.

Then you walk from the garage into the kitchen.

The kitchen with it's awesome mix of orange and red counter tops. This is looking from the other direction towards the garage. The kitchen is definitely tight.

This is a breakfast nook room off the kitchen. We plan on also using it as the study/homework room for the kids.

This is the dining room (off the kitchen).

The dining room opens to the living room. The door in the back corner goes to the breakfast nook room. The living room is a great size- not too big and not too small.

On the front of the house is this room. We will use it as an office and guest room. (So book your tickets).

From the breakfast nook, there is a long hallway. All 3 bedrooms are on the left of the hallway and the 2 bathrooms are on the right of the hallway. This is Riley's room.

Riley's room opens to the sunroom/patio. The living room also opens to this space. For security purposes we will keep Riley's doors locked, so those doors won't be functioning.

Ford and Brady's room.

The master bedroom.

Tyler's room. Ok, it's actually the hallway closet, but it fits a pac'n'play very nicely. We are going to put a fan in there and the door is vented. When she gets a little bit older she will share a room with Riley. But for now she will sleep wonderfully in this closet. And if you want to turn us in to Social Services, good luck with that in Peru.

Bathroom #1. Yes, we have a bidet. That we are planning on putting a cabinet over.

Other view of bathroom #1.

Bathroom #2.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love it!!!!!

Breanne said...

ahhhh my bedroom, can't wait to be there. soon enough :) miss the heck outta you people.

Fluppy said...

It has a really good feeling! Aw, miss you guys. Just met a girl today who's half Peruvian! Thinking of you lots.

ERuss said...

Awesome! My favorite photo, however, is the first one with the cars parked facing each other. Classic.

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

I love it! Does the red couch come with it, too? Because that is awesome.

Erika said...

that is a nice house! and big, too! love the yard. can't wait to see what you do with it- looks like a lot of room to work with...

Sarah said...

Woohoo! The contract is signed. The house is still a mess, but we are moving in anyway. Blake is taking our 2 loads of stuff over right now.

And yes- the red couch comes with it! To match the red countertops. Don't think we're not using it.

Kristin said...

My friends were missionaries in Hungary and put their son in the closet...hey, if they sleep who cares where their bed is located?

Marissa said...

Wow! It looks like a great fit for your family. Thanks for sharing.

Dana said...

hi! So - I think you might be living in a house around the corner from the house I grew up in in Peru. Anyway, I'm from Peru - and my best friend from childhood is Christian and lives in Lima. She has twin 7 year old boys and you should meet her. She's amazing and fun. She could probably help you with this furniture situation. Here's my email address: -- if you decide you want to contact me/her. What you are doing there is really awesome! I wish you the best of luck.

Tom Carpenter said...

Awesome! I am just catching up on reading here. My main comment - don't cover up the bidet! Embrace the bidet!