Friday, February 18, 2011

slices of our peruvian life

Morning Lego session.


Our refrigerator. These are the largest containers available with fresh milk. Our family can pound one at breakfast. Peruvian Coke just isn't the same. There is one grocery store that carries canned Coke from the States, so whenever they have some I stock up!


Tyler enjoying a new toy.


New pet? Thankfully the cockroaches only seem to be in the garage. I would like to remain ignorant if they are indeed in our house.


Ah, homeschooling. Please note both the quality of questions on this exam and the grammar. And then know that this exam is for Riley, who is 9 years old. Also note Alias, Season 1 in the background. It's what Blake and I are zoning out to at night.


How Blake makes his coffee now.


More new toys. We're not allowing many toys in the house though. It has been quite enjoyable to be without the mess.


Our weekend lineup. Each purchased for about $2. Peruvian perk!



Christen Morrow said...

A few helpful tips... if you get bags of mil... gloria brand has a red and white package called ultra light tastes the most like non fat US milk. I get that and then pour it into a pitcher... if thats helpful.

Cucarachas... the best stuff I have found is a little bag of stuff called "El Secreto de la Abuela" and its awesome. Looks like chewed up gum and you leave little clumps of it under sinks and in places where they might congregate. it totally works!

Eryn said...

I don't remember where I first saw your blog but I have been reading it for a few weeks now and I just had a question, do you have to watch those $2 movies in espanol? ;)

Blake said...

Thanks for the help Christen! We were wondering what percentage fat that milk was- maybe we don't want to know. :) I will look for the gloria milk.

Eryn- the movies are in English thankfully! They have Spanish subtitles, but you can turn them off. They also occasionally say "Property of..." across the screen. Ha!

Sarah said...

That was me commenting. I guess Blake was signed in on my computer. Whoops!