Wednesday, February 16, 2011

same story, different day

I can't say that I have much to update on. It's pretty much the same story, different day around here. Kids hanging out, shopping, setting up house, homeschooling. Everyone is very ready for school to start. The kids are in desperate need of social interaction with peers and I am in desperate need of time away from them. It has been a long summer.

{The Clubhouse, engineered by Riley}


I think we are finally turning a corner. We have bedroom furniture and have ordered a couch. That leaves a dining room table, chairs for the living room, and a few other odds and ends to get. Things are feeling manageable enough for Blake to start language school next week. I will go to language school when the kids start school the second week of March. We are both doing a 6 week intensive and will then have a tutor come to the house to help us continue to learn. We are also being required by the school (understandably) to get a tutor for the kids.

{Riley's room.}

{Ford and Brady's room.}

I may be panicking a little about being home with 4 kids all day, every day for 2 weeks without Blake, in a foreign country, with no car. I also have to get uniforms and a school supply list that is a page front and back (for each kid). The school does not mess around with their supply list. It is very detailed and apparently if I buy the wrong item it will be sent back to me and I will have to go find the right item. Which is really fun when the supply list is given to you in a language you barely understand. Also, we have to buy numerous books that are at different bookstores scattered throughout Lima. I guess that will be our chance to tour the city.

{First family game night in Peru. Made chocolate chip cookies with the only mix I could find and they were horrible. I am on the hunt for chocolate chips so I can make them from scratch.}

{I will leave you this picture. It is filed under "Things You Won't See in the United States." Life size walking Raid cans.}


Liz said...

sarah, i am sure you have tons of help, but if you ever need a quick translation you can email me at i thought of that when you mentioned the school supply lists. i don't know anything about peru but i know a good amount of spanish. sending love to all of you on your adventure. - liz

Sarah said...

Thanks Liz! I may take you up on the offer. So far I've been using Google Translator which works pretty well. It's a pain but I know it's good for my Spanish. Thanks for the support!