Thursday, January 20, 2011

last few days in america

We are in Lima! It was a looooong trip and I can't wait to write about it, but I thought I would first share about our last few days in America. It was too chaotic at the time to blog, but I want to document those days.

The Saturday before we moved we had our massive garage sale where we sold literally everything that was in our house. I had already sold all of our furniture on craigslist, so our garage sale was all of the crap that fills a home. From our kitchen stuff down to extra toiletries and food that we couldn't take it was all out there. The night before the garage sale was my highest stress point of this whole move. Our garage was overflowing with stuff, as were many of our rooms inside. And that wasn't even all of it! I just couldn't picture how we were actually going to empty our house. Just looking in a closet made me sick to my stomach. So much stuff!
We had amazing friends come both Friday and Saturday to help with the garage sale. I honestly don't know how we would have done it without them. By 3:30 on Saturday afternoon everything was gone! We made over $1,500 at the sale and then it only took one trip (with 2 cars) to Goodwill to clear the place out.

That left us with the few things we were taking to Peru and the few things we needed to get by for the next few days. (Plus a few more drawers to clean out.) It felt so good and really allowed us to concentrate on being with friends and packing.

Sunday we had lots of quality time with friends and didn't spend much time on the move. It was valuable to have time to say good-bye. We also enjoyed our last Southern California beach sunset.


Monday morning it was back to work. We started packing, did a little homeschool, and sold a few last items on craigslist. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece came for our last time together. My dear friend, Bree, also came to hang and help. We had a going away party at the Krochet Kids warehouse which was an amazing time. So many people came to say good-bye and it was good to hug everyone one last time.


The hardest part of this time was saying good-bye to my sister and her family. The cost of this move really set in. I hate that I won't be there to watch my niece grow up. We had always wanted to raise our family with my sister's family. Plus I just loved living close to my sister. So, there is a lot of mourning of that dream that we had to do. It's just so hard to think about the fact that I have no clue when I will get to hold my niece again. Riley was sobbing when they pulled away and just kept saying, "I don't want them to leave!" She was pretty much a wreck about it all.

We decided to stay up Monday night and get our packing done. Since there are 6 of us we got to take 12 checked suitcases, 6 carry-on suitcases, and 6 backpacks. We knew we were going to use every bit of our luggage allowance since this would be all that would make it to Lima. (Shipping is just too expensive). The main issue was weight, so we bought a luggage scale and that turned out to be our best friend that evening. We put all of our heaviest items (mainly books) in the carry-on suitcases since they never seem to weigh them. Then we worked on getting each checked bag to weigh as close to 50 pounds as we could. At 2am, we had 12 foot lockers/suitcases that weighed almost 50 pounds exactly. It is scary how close each one was to 50 pounds. I can't believe how perfectly they all ended up being- we didn't waste even half a pound.


Our last day in America was a mix of fun and work. We started packing our backpacks that morning and quickly realized that the clothes and toiletries we had left weren't going to fit. So we did some re-packing. A few clothes and other items were cut from the foot lockers to make space. Some sweet friends treated us to a movie. It was the first time we have gone all together as a family to a movie. It was fun because we had the whole theatre to ourselves. We were thankful for the opportunity to be together and get away from the stress of packing. Then there were errands to run (post office, bank, another Goodwill run). We spent our last meal at California Pizza Kitchen (using up gift cards, plus it is one of our favorite places to eat) and then had to grab some Yogurtland. I savored every last minute of that night. After putting the kids to bed, we finished cleaning out the house and cleaning the house. We actually got to bed at a reasonable hour which seemed like a miracle.


I have to admit that when I went to bed that last night there was a large part of me that wanted to back out. I just felt overwhelmed and scared. Definitely the scariest part for me is not speaking the language here. I know that we will learn it soon enough, but it seems like a huge undertaking to live and do life somewhere where you can't understand or talk to anyone around you! I know even the simplest tasks such as the grocery store will be exhausting. So, I also had to mourn the loss of the ease of life in the States. It's hard not to want easy right now with 4 young kids.

Riley had the hardest time with the move. After saying good-bye to my sister, she continued crying through all of her good-byes the next two days. Lots and lots of tears were shed. She really didn't want to leave. She recognized how great her life was in California and what special friends she had. Her neighborhood friends even made her a going away cake.

The next morning (moving day) still brought fear, but also excitement. Can't wait to share more!

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Lindsay Mizell said...

Wow...I love how honest and vulnerable you are. I feel like it makes it easier to pray for you. We are so excited for you all and can't wait to hear about all of your new adventures!