Wednesday, January 26, 2011

first week

One week ago today we flew out of LAX headed for Lima. This first week has been full of both fun and stress. The stress, of course, comes from trying to find a house and car, getting the kids enrolled in school, getting cell phones, and just getting through the day. Some updates:

House: We still don't have a home. As thankful as we are for a place to stay during this time, we are ready to have a place to call our own. We found a house that we love and it even has a yard which is rare here. BUT the landlord will not come down on the rent and we simply cannot afford it. Unfortunately, we got our hopes up because it is this close to our maximum housing allowance and it is normal in Lima to negotiate prices. Ultimately, though, as close as it is to what we can afford we cannot start our lives here by renting a home beyond our means. So, we are waiting a few days to see if the landlord has a change of heart. If not, we found an apartment that is beautiful but small. It is also on the second floor so there is no yard. It will definitely feel cramped with 6 of us, but we will make it work and make it feel like home.

Car: Haven't really gotten anywhere on this front yet. Thankfully, we have been able to borrow a car this week.

School: This has been consuming most of our time (along with house hunting). Last night I spent 3 hours filling out paperwork for the school. The paperwork was all in Spanish (of course) so Google translator was my best friend. The paperwork is ridiculous. I had to answer detailed questions about my pregnancies and first milestones. Like I remember when my kids first held their heads up on their own? Over the next 2 days, the kids will spend a combined 6 hours at the school being evaluated. Riley is the only one even guaranteed a spot at this point. Ford and Brady are on the wait list. We have NO backup plan if they don't get into this school. We are also basing our housing around this school, so it's pretty important the boys get in. And, we are still "homeschooling" every day. It has been very hard to find time to do this, but if we don't "complete" Riley and Ford's current grades they won't get into this school. Did I mention things are stressful right now? And that I hate homeschooling?

On to the fun stuff. My greatest joy this week has been watching the kids enjoy life here. They have been amazing and haven't had any adjustment issues (yet). They have already met great friends. I can't believe how easy it has been with them and I am so thankful for that. So thankful.

Dinner our first night in Lima. We had pizza. Guess we'll acclimate slowly?


Here is our first taxi ride:

Tyler has enjoyed herself the most this week. She loves riding in taxis and screams about everything she sees.

We went to the mall one night and Tyler had a good time dancing.

Tyler is also sleeping on the floor of our closet. She loves it.


Playing football (not to be confused with fĂștbol) in the street.


Brady in a trash receptacle. (There are a few of these on every block and you stick your trash here to be collected at night).


I absolutely love it here. It feels like home already. I have even gotten choked up a few times as we were driving around because I am just thankful to be here and thankful that it feels so right. We are ready to find our home and actually be able to do life here. This inbetween is very hard on Blake and me. We just want to speed everything up- have a house, car, speak Spanish. But there is no doubt in my mind that there is a valuable lesson to be learned in all of this. Sometimes I can literally feel my will bending to God's will. We are being worked on as we wait. And that's a beautiful thing.


Breanne said...

SO grateful the kids have had a good week & are not breaking down. will keep praying for that as i know how much easier it makes your life. love love love you.

Christie Elkins said...

I know we have never met, yet we have a mutual friend! (Deborah Dial). She shared a link to your blog on facebook and my heart has ached for you guys ever since! Our family has been praying for yours since we learned of this great journey God has you on. Praise God for your willingness to share the gospel with all nations!!

Hannah said...

looks like tyler is living the life! :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you from CO! Kristen shared a link on her FB and I spent an evening reading everything. What an incredible journey you are on. We are so very excited to pray for you as you follow God's lead! :)
Many, many blessings,
Anneke Crowe

Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing to read your update and that you got through your first week in Peru so well!
Praying that the landlord's heart will be changed!
Continuing to pray for you all as you begin this amazing journey! God bless you all and thank you for the updates!