Thursday, December 9, 2010

our first last

Yesterday we spent the day at Disneyland to celebrate Ford and Brady's birthdays. This is our family birthday tradition. Our kids rarely have birthday parties, choosing instead to go to Disneyland. Although we live close to Disneyland, we only go a couple of times a year. We wanted to keep it as a special and magical place for our kids. And it is! Last night Ford said that he wished he never had to leave. We always seem to have the best time as a family there.

I have to admit that I was probably the most sad to say good-bye to Disneyland yesterday. I love the rides, I love seeing it through my kids' eyes, and I love the fun. We always walk away feeling like we had a special time together. Blake and I aren't "traditions" kind of people, so our Disneyland tradition feels like a big deal. I just watched my kids have fun yesterday and tried to soak it in. Holding little hands as we walk through the park. Watching Riley and Ford scream and hold their hands in the air the whole time we were on Big Thunder Railroad. Making Brady ride Tower of Terror (he always resists) and then having him declare it was his favorite ride (as he always does). Watching Tyler pump her fist in excitement and point to everything saying it was "pretty." Seeing the awestruck look on the kids' faces as they watch the new water and light show. Magical.

So, we made it through our "first last." Our last day at Disneyland. We have many more "lasts" to come. This will definitely be a season marked for us as bittersweet.

2003 :: Our first visit to Disneyland :: Riley's 2nd birthday



2005 :: Riley's 4th Birthday

DL 4

DL 5

Ford's 2nd Birthday

DL 6

6 days later I gave birth to a 9 lb, 13 oz baby.

DL 7

2007 :: Riley's 6th Birthday

DL 8

Ford's 4th and Brady's 2nd Birthdays

DL 9

DL 10


DL 11

Riley's 7th Birthday

DL 12

Ford's 5th and Brady's 3rd Birthdays

DL 13
This was a special day for our family. Just a few days before Tyler had been in the NICU with no plans for release anytime soon. I had called Disneyland and found out places I could pump and was planning to sneak away for a little bit to be with Tyler. I knew my heart would be in two places all day and I was dreading it. I knew our day at Disneyland would be a painful reminder that one of our children wasn't with us. Instead it was a joyful celebration of birthdays, healing, and finally being together as a family.

2009 :: Ford's 6th and Brady's 4th Birthdays

DL 14

2010 :: Riley's 9th Birthday

DL 15

Ford's 7th and Brady's 5th Birthdays

DL 16

DL 17


Anonymous said...

I love the photo montage! How you've grown.

I mean, how the kids have grown.

I mean, how you and Blake don't look like teenagers anymore.

Glad you had a good "last."

Wendy M

Ra said...

i love how ford's butt is all up on brady's head :)
i wish i could have been there!

miss yall