Thursday, November 11, 2010

happy birthday little haze!

Tyler's sweet friend, Hazel, turned two last month. Hazel's awesome parents and dear friends of ours, Mark and Jamie, decided that Hazel didn't need anymore "stuff" for her birthday. Instead of presents, they asked their friends and family to donate to Krochet Kids Peru so that Hazel's friend could move to Peru and help people! So Little Haze raised over $600 by turning 2 and being an amazing kid. We think her whole family is pretty amazing too and we're so thankful to have them in our lives.

Thank you so much to Hazel, Mark, and Jamie and everyone who gave for Hazel's birthday!

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October 2010 065

October 2010 048

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Breanne said...

i can't believe she's already 2 and i love that they did this. awesomeness. i miss my peeps.