Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why i may never drive in lima

Lima is a city of 9 million people. This alone would make for horrible traffic.


Then you add in the fact that there are little to no driving rules in Lima. Lanes are fluid. If you are in the left lane and want to turn right, that's no problem. Just cut everyone off and assume they will stop for you. Being polite and trying to wait to pull out until there are no cars means you will sit in the same spot for a very long time. I would assume that accidents are a normal part of driving in Lima.


Here's a short video I took of traffic in Lima. Notice the closeness and cutting off of cars.

So, we are looking for apartments where I can walk to important places like grocery stores and ice cream shops. Although walking is not much safer with 4 children to keep track of. The rule in Lima is not that pedestrians have the right of way. More like pedestrians have the right to get hit by a car.


Anonymous said...

this is like the footage you see on The Amazing Race when they are driving in other countries. Crazyness!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh and P.S. This morning I was driving my son Maddox to school and almost hit a taxi, ON PURPOSE. He was trying to pass me from the left-hand side so I got in the middle of the road so he couldn't pass me then eventually he got so mad he zoomed by me almost going up on the curb!!! So that wasn't very mature of me but I promise you, you will get used to it. HAHA. Oh and by the way I saw a picture of Jason Paholus (don't remember how to spell that) on your blog. I went to school with him. Small world!