Thursday, October 21, 2010

um, not so much

One of the schools that we visited in Lima was called the School of Tomorrow. Blake and I knew the instant that we stepped on the campus that it was not the right school for our kids. Let's just say that if this had been the first school we visited, I would have had a panic attack. It didn't help that one of the students came up to our friend and told her that she hated the school and not to let us send our kids there.

And then there is the brochure. For the School of Tomorrow.



That is some cutting edge technology they got there. And Riley would learn so much about the fashion of tomorrow. Such a shame that it just didn't feel like a fit for us.


Wendy M said...

There are so, so, so many things to love about this brochure.

Glad you found a better fit.

Ra said...

im so proud of you! im so sad that you all will be leaving us but it is better you go so that they may experience Christ and his love through yall.

i received your support letter and pledge card. i will looking at my finances and will cheerfully support yall.

i wish you could take me with you...perhaps i smell a summer trip to lima?!?!? too soon but it would be rad.

much love from ra