Monday, October 25, 2010

the somewhat awkward post

A few friends have asked about financially supporting our move to Peru. I will be honest. It is very hard for me to ask people to support us financially and then live on others' financial support of us. When we left full time ministry 3 years ago, I actually swore that we would never ever raise support again. We did not have a good experience.

Thankfully, I have grown a lot in the past 3 years. I have also come to realize, personally, what a JOY it is to give money away. Riley's decision to raise money for clean water profoundly changed me. From my past fundraising experience, I thought we would have a hard time raising $2,500, so that is all we asked Riley to raise. And then, something beautiful happened, our friends gave $15,000. It was the first time that I saw people giving joyfully and freely. It changed me and prepared me to say "yes" to our current adventure. I realized that there is never any harm in asking. I love being told of new organizations or movements that are helping people and I love giving to them. I also realized that by NOT asking we could be missing an opportunity to be blessed and to be joined in our journey. Because we can't do this alone.

So, here we stand asking for financial help. I have said it before, but we would never ask for financial support of an organization that we did not believe in wholeheartedly. We believe in this program enough to move our family of 6 to a foreign country! We need to raise $60,000 for seed money to start the Krochet Kids program in Peru. By 2014, this program will be completely self-sustaining and we will not need to raise any more money.

Want to know more about what you are giving to? Krochet Kids offers 3 year programs to women living in poverty. In this program, the women learn to krochet hats to earn an income and be able to fully support themselves for the first time in their lives. In fact, the 87 women in the Ugandan program are supporting over 400 dependents! This program literally changes lives. The women are also taken through a specific program with training in personal budgeting, saving, loaning practices and business skills. After the 3 years, the women will have enough knowledge, training, and education to start a small business or get a sustainable job in the work force. The aspect of the program that I am most excited about is walking alongside these women and doing life with them. Women living in poverty have been sold a lie their whole lives- they have been told that they are worthless. I cannot wait to shatter that lie and let these women know how beautiful and loved they are! They will come to see the power that they have inside of themselves to change the course of their lives. They just need someone to give them their first opportunity.

You can visit Krochet Kids' website here to meet the women in Uganda and learn more about the program. I can't wait until there are women from Peru on there! We will start with 10 women the first year and we dream of eventually reaching hundreds of women.

You can also watch this video we made if you're more of a visual person.

And if you want to give to Krochet Kids to start the program in Peru, you can go here. Please indicate under "Purpose" that your giving is for the Goodfellows/Peru. If you want to give through check or any other offline method, please email me at bsgoodfellow (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also email me if you want any more information on Krochet Kids or to discuss anything.

As soon as we get this money raised, we will be moving to Peru! Thank you for reading our blog, following our journey, and letting me ask you for money.

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Tracie and Ricky said...

hi! I'm really not sure how i came across your blog, but i wanted to stop by and leave a note and let you know we'll pray for your need for support! my husband, kids and i are missionaries in Cusco, Peru and know how tough support-raising can be. May God bless you in your journey!