Saturday, October 16, 2010

date night in lima


It's our last night in Lima. Blake and I have decided that the best way to spend it is by going on a date! Since we only leave our kids about once a year and go on a date about once every 2 months, we need to do this while we have the opportunity.

We have spent the last few days hanging out with more new friends and looking at apartments. Apartments in Lima rent out very quickly so nothing that we looked at will be available when we move here. We just wanted to get a feel for what we could get with our housing allowance and decide what is important to us in a home. I am realizing that some type of a yard, no matter how small, and a few windows around the apartment would make a huge difference to me. One of the hardest things we have realized while on this trip is that Lima isn't that much cheaper to live in than California. It's a city- living in a city is expensive. We will cut what we spend on housing in half, but that is because we will live in half the space we are now. Gas is much more expensive in Lima then in the States. There is a 20% tax on just about everything. We're not complaining, just needing to change our expectations.

Space is precious, but let's put a huge bath tub in the family room.

This place was actually our favorite. Seriously.

We got to go to a social gathering last night where a sweet Peruvian girl sang American songs (except we couldn't understand a word she was saying because of her pronunciation). It was quite entertaining and a fun glimpse into Peruvian life.


Blake and I have been processing like crazy this whole trip and frankly, we're both a little sick of it by now. We have done what we can on this trip and its time to take it all to God and just rest in knowing that it will all work out. I have no doubt that this whole process will continue to be about trust.

I'm thankful for the time away with Blake. I'm thankful for great fellowship with new friends. I'm thankful that we already feel so comfortable in Peru while still knowing that we have a long way to go in learning the language and the culture. It does feel amazing to be here and I can't wait to come back here with our whole family.

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Scott said...

Peru...Get ready for the Goodfellows!!! I can't wait to come visit; I live vicariously through's times like these that you're Faith becomes a model to us. I want to live like you do...I guess I just dont have the guts.