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I know that I can be redundant on this blog about our journey these past few years. If you read our blog, you know (and may be sick of) the whole story. Two people are passionate about Jesus and following Him, they have 4 kids, the kids give them an excuse to buy a house in the suburbs and they start living a very safe life, they go to Mexico as a family and realize they can serve others even with their kids, they step outside their comfort zone more and more and see poverty that really messes with them, they read books and delve into Scripture and see what God has to say about all that, and finally decide that Jesus was pretty darn serious when he said that the most important thing is to love God and to love others. These two people are forever changed and can no longer turn away from those in physical need.

Six months ago we put our house on the market. We had been wrestling for a year with living in the suburbs and its hindrance to our desire to serve others living in poverty. We had no idea where we were going to move, but we thought that it would be a lower income neighborhood in Orange County (where we currently live). We thought wrong. We are moving to Lima, Peru. In January. Seriously.

I can't even begin to explain our excitement, but it's the kind of excitement where you can't sleep at night. And the peace- it's the kind of peace where every bone in your body can feel it. Where I fall asleep with a smile on my face knowing that we have finally found our "place." We know that the journey we have been on the past 3 years was all building up to this move. I love that we had no clue what God was doing with us for all those years and now we can see it so clearly. We had to be so broken, lost, wandering, and confused that when we were asked to move our family of 6 to Peru we could say with complete confidence, "Absolutely."

We are going with Krochet Kids International, Inc. Krochet Kids "works in developing nations to empower impoverished communities to rise above poverty." Krochet Kids is "employing this generation through the creation of products, and educating the next through their sale." They currently have a program in Northern Uganda employing and educating 87 women. We will be starting the program in Peru. We will begin by teaching 10 women to crochet hats that will be sold in the United States, thus providing an income for these women. We will also provide financial training (budgeting, saving, loans), mentorships, and vocational training (for a more stable, long term job) for these women. We will walk alongside these women and their families, do life with them, and watch them change the whole course of their lives.

As I am writing this post, I can hear Riley outside telling a friend that she is moving to Peru. She is explaining that we will help women make hats, sell them, and then give them the money so that they won't be poor anymore. I am crying. I am so thankful. I cannot wait to start this journey with my family.


Melissa said...

for some reason, i was driving through san juan today and was thinking about you guys. decided to lift you up and wonder about what big things God was going to do with your family.

and here it is.


You go. Go with God.

Kristin said...

I finally told the kids tonight... Emma just said, "Wow! Mommy..." and then she started praying for Riley.

So sweet... we are thrilled, excited, praying and sad as you go. But, SO READY to come visit... and live together in community again and serve.

I love you.
Love. Love. Love You.

Gina Grable said...

As I sit here in tears...tears of joy for you all and tears of happiness for the people your amazing family will touch! I love you all so independantly and I am so proud of you all! I love you guys so much!
Love Gigi

Breanne said...

good gracious this makes my heart so happy... it's about time :) He's so good. we can't wait to come visit my bests. proud of you, beyond stoked for you, grateful for direction, peace and vision.

Jamye Jack said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I am so excited for your family. I know this has been a long time coming and God had a plan all along. We love you guys and we are so glad we met you in Mexico 3 years ago.

Lindsay Mizell said...


The Blakes said...

My heart burns within me as I read your post. Funnily enough Chris and I have been on a journey of our own and it's encouraging to see the fruits of your patience. I find myself wondering what and where God will take our family too. We are so excited for you both and I know that the Blakes are huge fans of you all. Blessings my dear friends and thank you for serving the Lord.