Friday, September 24, 2010

a few things

- I cannot express how thankful we are for all of the encouragement and love towards our move to Peru. We are so excited and we love having so many other people excited for us. It gives us even more confidence as we prepare. A lot of people have told us that this move and job seem perfect for us and they can picture us in Peru. I love that. As I said, we feel a huge peace about it, but it is invigorating to hear others say that this fits us. Blake and I are visiting Lima in October to get a feel for the city. Blake will work on some things for his job and we will look at schools and housing. I can't wait to lay eyes on our new home!

-Riley celebrated her 9th (!!!) birthday with a day at Disneyland. She dressed up as Princess Leia and we had such a fun day. My neighbor watched Tyler which made the day even better because we could ride all the rides together as a family and I wasn't baby wrangling the whole time. Riley noted that it was her last birthday in America. Even though we all know it, it's still weird to hear.

Disneyland 1

Disneyland 2

Disneyland 3

-I love our blog makeover! Blake surprised me with it. We are too cheap to pay anyone to do it, but really wanted something more than Blogger offered. Blake told me he could figure it out with all that html stuff, but I didn't believe him. He stayed up one night and got it done. And now I know how to make our pictures bigger which I love.

-Ford got Student of the Week his first week in 1st grade. He got written up his second week in 1st grade. He pushed a kid to the ground for breaking in line. If you know Ford then you know that he is a rule follower. The only time he loses his mind is when he feels that something unfair has occurred. My positive mommy spin on it is that he cares about justice. Now we just need to get him to respond appropriately to injustice. Riley noted that Ford was the first person in our family to get written up. Of course, I made a copy of the citation and saved it for his scrapbook.

-Speaking of scrapbooks, that is what I have spent most of my time doing lately. The impending move has given me a new urgency about it all. I am working on Tyler's baby book mainly to relieve my guilt that she is the only kid without one. Then I will know that there are currently no kids under my roof that can give me a hard time about not having a baby book (except Ford will probably complain that his is the smallest. You can't win).

Scrapbook 1

As I was writing about Tyler's NICU experience for her scrapbook, I had a very hard time putting in words exactly what it was like. I was frustrated because I didn't feel like I was conveying to her what she went through. Then I remembered our blog. I reread all of my posts from that time and knew I had to put them in her scrapbook. I printed them all out for her and now I feel like she will really get to walk through that week with us. It made me so thankful for this blog and that my words from almost 2 years ago can make up for my lack of words now. I also put my sister's poem for Tyler in her scrapbook. I don't know how my sister put into a few short paragraphs every emotion I felt during that time, but she did. I still cry every time I read it because it takes me right back to that hospital room.

Scrapbook 2

-Remember how I realized that I need to do more girls weekends? Well, I'm proud to say that I'm following through and even going bigger and better this time. I'm going to Washington, DC for a few days and my trip may coincide with a certain rally that intrigues me. I'm so excited!

-A picture of the one who got left behind (from Disneyland, that is).



Blake said...

Oh, I love my sweet 9 year old. She is such beauty - inside and out.

RaRa said...

Star Wars should make a movie when all the characters are children...Riley would definitely snag that role! She looks so adorable...all your children do! I love Brady and Ford's face. Glad that you got to spend some quality time together as family! Wish I could have been there to hang with but the phone call was amazing! Much love.