Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, obviously I'm doing so well at this blog thing anymore. I've tried to motivate myself to keep up with it, but it just ain't happening. I really wish that I was better at it. I keep waiting and hoping for some inspiration.

In the meantime, I'll keep posting pictures of the kids for those who care. We just returned from our annual 3 week trip to Tennessee and North Carolina to visit our families. Here's a few pictures...

This is probably too many pictures of Tyler in the ocean, but I wanted to show her pure joy. She kept trying to just throw herself under the water and if you tried to pull her up to stand, she wouldn't straighten her legs.

Cousin love.

Blake and Clay decided it was Mustache Week. I didn't approve of this at all.

And, no trip to North Carolina would be complete without Wake Forest indoctrination. We went to Fanfest (to meet and get autographs all of the Fall athletes), the campus and Big Dad's office, the grand re-opening of the Wake Forest Store at the mall (complete with cheerleaders and the band), and a soccer game.

This is Gelo (pronounced Jello) Orange. It is Brady's dream come true to meet real football players.


Kim said...

Sarah, I came across your blog a few months ago right around the time your daughter, Riley, started her first well project. I think what she's done is incredible, and I also think what you are doing to impact people in the name of Christ is awesome too! And on a side note from that; it's amazing how much your father is starting to look like his father! Love the pictures! :) God bless!

Kimi Finley said...

Never too many pics of the kids! so cute to see her soooo happy in the ocean! Welcome home!

Purifoy Family said...

Great family pics!