Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since all of my recent pictures of Tyler have only shown one side of her and since that is not such a flattering side, I decided it might be nice to show some other, more subdued (and even happy!) sides of Tyler.

The following incident occurred after Tyler's pediatrician encouraged me that it was time for her to use a spoon. I was putting it off for a reason.

Finally enough hair (kindof) for pigtails!

Which reminded of the last time we had a little girl in pigtails.

This picture is old, but I love it. Since Ford and Riley eat lunch at school, these two are lunch buddies. I can't believe I only have one more year of Brady at home with me.


Kimi Finley said...

I love reading your blog-you capture such great moments

Anonymous said...


ra ra said...

aww, love these pics! i will have to start settling for pictures cause I won't be there in person much. i miss and love you guys! i wish i could have seen you all before i left. keep doing big things goodfellows!