Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ever Elizabeth

My sister, Bekah, and brother-in-law, Clay, welcomed their first baby (and my first niece) into the world on July 11th. Ever is absolutely beautiful and I am a very proud aunt. Bekah did amazing through many, many hours of labor and I was so thankful to be there for all of it.

My favorite picture

The kids got to meet their first cousin 2 days later. They were beyond excited.

Waiting in line to hold Ever.

Riley couldn't get enough of holding Ever. She wants nothing more than to be older so that she can really take care of her.

Ford probably got the most joy out of Ever- he just loves her and can't stop talking about wanting to be with her.

Brady spontaneously busted into "Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star" the minute he got Ever in his arms.

Tyler didn't seem very impressed with Ever except to point at her and call her "baby."

She did get a few good face pokes in though.

I have a lot to live up to in the aunt category- here's my sister, 2 days after giving birth, being an aunt to my kids.

Uncle Blaze

My mom wanted a picture of her with all of her grandkids. Anyone noticing a pattern?

The ride home from being with Ever included lots of crying about missing Ever. I think that we're all pretty happy to finally have a niece and cousin!


Breanne said...

i love this... so much :) everything about it. it is a day that's been anticipated for a LONG time - yay for auntie and uncle and cousin-ness. love it all.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, If you are half as amazing as an aunt as you are as a mom you will be great. The way you are raising your children is inspiring.

Kimi Finley said...

Oh sweet Tyler, haha-that last picture is classic. I love seeing the kids hold Ever and it's so cute how joyful Ford was!