Monday, June 14, 2010

Water Day

Hi Everyone! This is Riley taking over my mom's blog. I wanted to share that on Wednesday my family and some friends are going to walk 2 miles to get buckets of water. Then we're going to carry the water back home. That's all of the water that we get to use for the rest of the day. We're going to go really early in the morning and even go to school after we walk! I will be very tired.

I am doing this to see what it feels like to be one of the kids that need a well. I am also hoping that people will donate to the well in honor of our Water Day. I already went door to door in my neighborhood to get donations. Please click here to help me and most importantly people that need clean water!

I will write about my Water Day on Thursday. Bye Everyone!

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Kimi Finley said...

Riley, I'm so inspired by you as a fellow sister in Christ and as a mom to be because I hope that I can encourage my kids to be advocates for others like you are to the kids who don't have clean water.

I love reading your adventures-and you went to school after walking two miles in the early morning! Wow!