Saturday, May 8, 2010

us lately

-Our house has been on the market for almost 2 months now. We had one really low ball offer that we had to decline. The first month we had a showing almost, not so much. We have no doubt that this is about patience and trusting God. There is a part of me that wants to freak out that we haven't sold our house, but I have finally gotten to a place in life where I know that that doesn't help. It's out of our control and our house will sell when the time is right. It's really cool to be able to say that and believe it.

-In the meantime, we're a little bored around here! We would love to be packing boxes and finding our next home. We would love to be able to start the foster care process and move towards having more kids in our home. All of these things have to wait until our house sells.

-I have lots to update about Riley's continuing efforts to raise money for clean water wells. So much, in fact, that it turned into it's own post (still to come).

Riley at Girl Scouts International Day

-Ford rocked my world and made me rethink everything that I thought I knew about him when he volunteered for a speaking part in the kindergarten performance. I thought that he would, for sure, choke. But he did it! He said his line very fast and you could tell he was nervous, but he did it! He told me afterwards that he was about to cry, but he decided not to. We've come a looooooooooong way, people, a long way.

Getting ready

Ford's moment of glory

-Blake decided to try cutting Ford's hair. It will never happen again. {See above pictures.}

-On to Brady. Brady wears me out. I'm pretty sure that 99% of what I say to him goes in one ear and out the other. He tries sometimes, but he just marches to the beat of his own drummer. The other day I was out in the yard with my neighbor and I noticed that someone had drug the hose all through the yard, around the "for sale" sign, and back up to the patio. (Not a big deal except that people are always coming to our house to see if they want to buy it so I try to remove all obstacles blocking their path). I wondered out loud about who would have done that and my neighbor said, "Brady, of course." Then she told me that she was driving her car and noticed that the brake was on. She wondered who would have done that and then thought, "Brady." Brady is always the culprit. Always. That big hole in the cul-de-sac greenbelt? Brady. Tyler laying on the ground crying? Brady. Pee everywhere in the bathroom? Brady. But he's really darn cute and has a good heart, so he gets away with a lot.
-I actually take back my above statement. Brady is not always the culprit. Tyler is just as guilty these days as him of wrecking our home. In fact, I think it might be her life mission. Which is really fun when you're trying to keep a house clean for showings all of the time! I don't know that there's anything that she hasn't gone through in our house at this point. But, oh my goodness, do we love having a 1 year old around. Blake and I are enjoying every moment. To hear her little voice calling "mama" and "dada" still melts our hearts even though it's the fourth time around. It never gets old. Tyler is my little companion- the only time I'm not with her is when she's sleeping and I love that! In fact, she is sitting beside me right now helping me right this post. See...

-The kids had been saving up to buy Rock Band and they finally (this is over 1 year in the making) had enough money to get it. Band Hero happened to come out last fall and after some research we decided that Band Hero was the way to go. It has pop songs versus rock songs which seems more fitting for young kids. (Honestly, Riley just wanted to be able to sing "You Belong To Me" over and over and over). It is so awesome that it also deserves it's own post of pictures.


Breanne said...

oh my gosh, ty is KILLING me. and can i tell you how stinkin' proud of Ford I am?!?!?! No more, "I don't like it, Bree." He's grown through it. SO proud. anticipating Riley's awesome well post and Brady's next antics.

I miss my people...

kimi finley said...

omg i love love love this post-the picture of brady picking up tyler is classic- lol!!!

mrericra said...

truth be told, i would have also loved to see a photo snapped of ford sounds mean but it would be kinda hilarious. actually that is mean and would hurt his self-esteem if it happened. way to go ford!

blake, that cut dont look bad at all on might have discovered some hidden talent there man. i might be standing in line next to get me one of them.

you keep holding down the fort mr and mrs goodfellow. you encourage me all the times i've been around to hold your ground and you do it so well...the kids will grow up to appreciate it...i have.