Monday, May 24, 2010

still going

{photo by Esther Havens of charity:water}

I have been remiss in updating about Riley's fundraising efforts for clean water wells. I didn't even have a chance to blog about the second well. Originally, we ate rice and beans to finish raising the money needed for the first well. During the time that we were eating rice and beans and saving our money each night, our generous friends ended up giving enough money to finish that well! So, we decided that the rice and beans money would go towards starting a new well. Two of the other families that ate rice and beans with us joined in on that well. The first donations to that well were all from money saved by eating rice and beans. And we ended that campaign in a very cool way also- I posted about our need on Facebook and in 24 hours friends gave over $1,000!! Did I mention that we have generous friends? People from all areas of our life have given to these wells- high school, college, church, our neighborhood, family. Friends that we haven't talked to in over 10 years supported us through these wells and loved on our daughter whom they haven't even met.

So, we (and by "we" I mean everyone who gave) finished the second well. Honestly, I was ready to take a break. It's hard being Riley's administrative assistant! Then we received a check in the mail from a friend for charity:water. I asked Riley what she wanted to do with that check and she said, "Start our next well!" So, we did. I'm thankful for a daughter who doesn't want to stop until everyone has clean water. I'm thankful for her heart and for her inability to get worn down. Riley continues to amaze us and we are so blessed to be her parents. The day after we decided to start the third well, I got an email from a Brownie troop leader saying her troop had money to donate to Riley's latest campaign. This is a Brownie troop from Georgia that doesn't even know Riley- they just found her blog and wanted to donate money from their cookie sale profits. Yea, we were definitely supposed to keep going.

You can click here to check out the fundraising efforts for the latest well. And if you want to give, please do!

We're thinking through what we can do with the kids to make the fundraising efforts "real" to them. For the first well Riley did a bunch of service projects including volunteering at the soup kitchen, picking crops for Second Harvest and volunteering at a church in inner-city LA. The second well we ate rice and beans for 25 days. I think for this well we're going to have the kids live a day in the life of a child in Africa including waking up early, walking to get water, using only the water they can carry, etc.

One last thing- Riley got to hang out with Scott Harrison, the founder of charity:water. Scott was so encouraging to Riley and really made her feel valued. We can't say enough about how much we love charity:water and we're thankful that we get to play a small part in helping end the world water crisis. Here's a picture of Riley, Blake, and Scott.

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Kimi Finley said...

wow the power of God in and through Riley! thank you for sharing all this with us!