Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My attempts at getting a good picture of all 4 kids on Easter failed miserably. Mainly, it was the independent, always-moving, touch me and I will throw a fit 1-year-old.

Getting better...moving from hysterical sobbing to a scowl

And finally, Daddy found a pinwheel, so I will smile for one picture. But Brady will not be looking.
This one ain't bad except Tyler is going through some weird redneck baby phase with her half grown in front teeth and lack of hair. I guess I should be letting her run around in just a diaper to complete the look.

This one is my personal favorite and my computer wallpaper.
They're all still pretty darn cute.


mrericra said...

Hilarious! Love em all...such beautiful kids!

JTP said...


Colton's Journey said...

I LOVE TYLER'S CHEEKS!!!! So precious are you kids!