Sunday, January 17, 2010


There really are no words to describe what I have felt the past 6 days for the Haitian people. Completely heartbroken comes to mind, but still doesn't feel adequate. I cannot even begin to fathom what everyone in Haiti is going through right now. This is a country that was barely surviving to begin with and now they have to deal with a natural disaster that has literally demolished their country. Oh, my heart hurts for them. I have lost sleep over it. It's too much suffering and too much pain for a people that have already endured enough.

My few thoughts:

We need to help. Right now, the biggest need is for money. If you are looking for somewhere to give to help Haiti, I ask you to consider Heartline Ministries. It is a ministry that has been in Haiti for a long time helping run orphanages and women's programs among other things. They had a team of doctors fly in today and they are opening a clinic tomorrow. One of their orphanage walls also sustained severe damage and the children have been sleeping outside for safety reasons. Donations to Heartline Ministries will literally save lives and give Haitian orphans a place to sleep. Please know that Blake and I would never "endorse" an organization that we did not fully believe in and know is held accountable financially.

To donate to Heartline Ministries, click here.
You can also visit their website here and blog here.

I would also recommend visiting Troy and Tara Livesay's blog. They are missionaries in Haiti. I was impressed with their commitment and love for Haiti before the earthquake. Now, I am in awe of them. They are on the front lines and I ask you to pray for endurance and strength for them.

My friend, Kristen, was in Haiti when the earthquake struck. She was visiting her son, Keanan, who is still living in Haiti as they wait for his adoption to be final. They have been waiting to bring him home for over 2 years. With current post-earthquake conditions, Kristen and her husband, Mark, are trying to get Keanan to the United States on humanitarian parole. You can go here to learn more about how to help the hundreds of Haitian orphans that have families waiting in the US.

Finally, God loves the people of Haiti. I am saddened that there are prominent people out there saying otherwise and I am devastated that those people call themselves Christians. God created each and every Haitian person. They are His children. Deeply loved. Deeply treasured. Beautiful. Strong. The faith of the Haitian people has seen more and endured more than my little faith that sits comfortable in the suburbs of America.

I am thankful that we are finally paying attention to Haiti. They have needed aid and resources for a long time. My biggest fear, though, is that a month from now we will have forgotten about Haiti again. We cannot let this happen. We all know about Haiti now. We will all be held responsible if we forget about them after the media firestorm subsides. We cannot forget.


JTP said...

what a beautiful post!

Melissa Hatfield said...

Great post! Couldn't agree more.

I came to your blog through Riley's campaign. I'm so touched by your commitment to raise your children to care about others in such practical ways. They will be blessed and be a blessing to so many because of your love.

Riley has inspired me (and I'm sure countless others.) Thank her for me!