Sunday, December 6, 2009

rice and beans :: day 8

I can't think of any way to start this post except to be honest: the majority of the Goodfellow family is not fond of rice and beans. Except for Blake, the rest of us are forcing our beans down. Brady is having an especially hard time. Riley and Ford are amazing. They totally get it. They don't like the beans, but they clean their plate every night. I have not heard them complain once. To be so young and understand that they may not like the beans, but need to eat them in order for others to have clean water is a gift.

So, what have I learned after 8 days of rice and beans? I am a spoiled brat. It's actually not the rice and beans that is so hard for me (although I'm pretty sick of them), but the fact that I can't have my nightly ice cream. It's pretty much all I think about from 8pm until I go to bed. I crave it. Bad. But, oh my goodness, it is so good for me to be denied that luxury. I am much more able to focus on God and the way He provides for me. As I go to bed with hunger pains every night I think about those who live with hunger pains. And then I feel guilty that I will get up and eat a breakfast that will fill my stomach.

We watched a documentary last night and it was showing video and pictures of children in Africa who were living corpses. They were wasting away and I kept thinking, "This is why we are eating rice and beans. This is why we have to live differently."
{Please look at this child and then think about the rows and rows of food at your local grocery store.}

We have again been overwhelmed by the response to our rice and beans adventure. Many families have decided to share in our journey. We are so thankful. I am hoping to post pictures of everyone doing this (if you are eating rice and beans and haven't told us, please feel free to share). As I mentioned in the last post, our friends Kinzi and Jay were the ones who instigated all of this. Here is Jay with their kids, Jake and Addi (Kinzi was taking the picture):


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