Friday, December 18, 2009


When we decided to eat rice and beans we did not think that anyone would want to join us. Why would anyone want to eat only rice and beans for 25 nights straight? That's crazy. I already posted a picture of Jay and Kinzi's family (who first suggested this). Here are some more crazy friends joining us on this journey.

This is Jayden and Miah. Their parents, Kory and Kirstin, had known us for all of 1 month when they decided to eat rice and beans with us. They have a huge heart for the poor and I'm so excited to see where that leads them. Needless to say, they are pretty awesome for giving up night after night of delicious dinners for new friends and clean water.

And all the way from North Carolina (this thing is coast to coast)- Ryon and Sarah are eating rice and beans with us. We go way back with Ryon and were blessed to be a part of their wedding this past summer. Sarah is actually the one who initiated eating rice and beans after reading our blog post about it. Ryon says that he needs to get his wife to stop reading our blog, but look how excited he is about his rice and beans.

And one of the Goodfellow family's favorite people ever- Eric. He is family and jumped right in when he heard what we were doing. He's so passionate about living differently so that others may have real life.

And we don't even know this family personally! How amazing is that? John and Katie are friends with Jay and Kinzi. This is their daughters Abby and Audrey.

We feel so blessed to be doing this in community. We feel so blessed to have people in our lives that are willing to give so sacrificially. Our friendships with those that are on this journey with us will never be the same.

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Elizabeth King Humphrey said...

I'm a writer who has read about Riley's commitment to raising money for the wells.
Could you please contact me so that I may learn more about Riley's project?


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