Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We're simplifying Christmas in our home this year. Again, it comes down to needs versus wants. We can give up what we want in order for others to have what they need. The kids are getting only a few presents from family members. Blake and I are giving gifts that will help people who are truly in need.

I am loving not being a part of the consumerism of Christmas. Along with our rice and beans, it has allowed us to focus on Jesus during this time.

I have a new found love for documentaries. We recently watched God Grew Tired of Us, which follows a group of Sudanese men who live in refugee camps for over 10 years and then come to the United States. Here was one man's questions about Christmas in America:

"Why do you set up a Christmas tree? What is the meaning?
Is it in the Bible? Is Santa also in the Bible?
And how does it connect with the birth of Jesus Christ?
You have so many things to use to celebrate the Christmas.
What we have in Africa is also good, but ours is mainly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, that Jesus Christ is going to be born in our heart.
So we have to prepare ourselves spiritually."

I want to be prepared spiritually.

And just in case you're worried that we're becoming total Scrooges, here's Tyler enjoying our Christmas tree.

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