Friday, October 16, 2009

tyler update

It seems that Tyler's health issues aren't ready to be tied up with a pretty little bow and put to rest. When I last updated on Tyler we were waiting on lab results to confirm that her blood looked healthy. While those lab results did indicate that Tyler's blood was healthy, we now have a new concern. Long story short:

At Tyler's 9 month check-up, her iron level was below normal. (This is not completely uncommon- 15% of 9 month-olds have low iron.) We gave her an iron supplement twice a day for a month. We retested and her iron level was as low as you can get and still be considered normal. The reality is that for a baby who has been on iron supplements for a month, is breastfeeding, and is eating lots of solid food, her iron level is actually not normal. So, we are giving Tyler iron supplements for another month and retesting again. If her iron level doesn't get better, Tyler will get another complete blood workup and we will be back to square one trying to figure out what is going on with her blood.

The good news:
Tyler is so happy and sweet. She is hitting all of her developmental milestones, has plenty of energy, and loves life. She took her first steps last week and likes to scream "hi" at everyone she sees. She also loves to wrestle her big sister and brothers. Ford loves to lay on the floor when he watches tv, so he gets attacked by Tyler a lot! We are so blessed to have her. She brings a lot of joy to each member of our family. Bottom line: whether Tyler is deemed "healthy" or "sick," God is the one who breathes life into her every moment of every day. God is always and ultimately in control, medical issues just remind us of that truth.

A couple of sweet stories:

We dedicated Tyler and her life to God at church on Sunday. We have given Tyler to God since we first learned of her existence, but the dedication ceremony is simply a chance for us to proclaim that in front of our church. All of our kids were up front with us during the dedication. When Tyler was being prayed over, Riley started bawling. Afterwards, I asked her why she was crying. She said that she didn't really know- that it was just something about Tyler being dedicated. Tyler means a lot to Riley and Riley knew that something bigger than just a ceremony was happening that day.

Tonight Brady prayed the following, "Dear Lord, please let us keep Tyler. She's cute." Amen.


Anonymous said...

WOW, tyler is gorgeous. those blue eyes are amazing!!!! too cute. we will certainly keep little lady, and you guys, in our prayers. xoxoxo

JTP said...

the picture of her in the towel all drooly and happy is so cute- like front of one of those parenting magazines cute.... :-)

alyssa said...

wow. that is so sweet how the other kids care for her so well. almost makes me want to have more kids so my kids can love them...almost.