Saturday, September 12, 2009

first day

And now for the obligatory first day of school post. We'll start with Brady who started preschool (two days a week). He had his first day of school before the bigger kids, which made it even more special. Leading up to it (this is the first time he has ever been to school), he repeatedly told me that he wasn't leaving me. That boy likes to put on a show. Because here he is trying pushing everyone out of his way so that he can get through the gate and to his classroom.
And running to the classroom.
Brady finally informed me that it was ok for me to leave. Sigh.

Brady's assessment of his first day:
"Guess what? I go to sleep, wake up, and get to go again!" I had to break the news to him that he had to wait a few days for the next day of school.

Ford started kindergarten this year! Huge, huge step for him. Ford's last big life change was when Tyler was born and he took his anxiety about that out on school. He was fine in every other area of his life during that time, but he screamed and cried every time we left him at school. He just doesn't handle change well. So, Blake and I have dreaded this day for awhile- worrying about his anxiety over it.

We consider it no small thing that Ford had NO anxiety about his first day of kindergarten. It is a huge answer to a long prayed prayer of my heart. He definitely didn't smile (as you can see in the below pictures), but he was completely calm. He said good-bye to us and headed into his classroom without any fears or reservations. I had to hold back tears as I walked away, not because I was sad that Ford is growing up (although I am), but because I was just so thankful that it was a peaceful transition.

Ford's assessment of his first day:
"We only got to play a little. The most that we did was carpet time. I made a friend. It was fun."

Riley started 2nd grade. Yes, she is getting way too old. School is like old hat to her- no issues. She was really excited to go back. Her need for socialization was just not being met at home all summer.

Riley's assessment of her first day:
"Mrs. Hinshaw is the best! She doesn't ever get angry at us. We get to do a play."

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