Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Year

We have been officially blogging for one year now. While I sometimes feel pressure to blog (like the past 3 weeks when we have been out of town- sorry!), I am so, so thankful for this blog. I love looking back through it and seeing our lives. I love that I have a place to journal our journey. I am hopeful that our kids will also be thankful for this blog one day.

We originally started this blog to both document our family life and to challenge ourselves to follow Jesus more deeply and passionately. We have used this blog to share the "little" things in life- funny pictures, vacations, daily activities. And we have used this blog to process and share our thoughts on issues that are important to us- from being consistently pro-life to universal health care to dealing with judgmental Christians. We have used this blog to hold ourselves accountable to loving and serving the poor and vulnerable. To hold ourselves accountable to raising our children to love and serve the poor and vulnerable. To really dig into what it means to follow Christ.

This past year has been eventful for us.

Ford became a soccer star.
We had a difficult pregnancy.
Riley was baptized.

Tyler joined our family

Tyler spent 8 long days in the NICU.

We learned about the power of prayer
We started a new Christmas tradition.
The kids experienced their first snow.

I turned 30
We started the South County Project.
We. Went. to. Guatemala!!!!

We started The Riley Project


One year later, I can say that this blog has achieved its purpose. I believe that it will continue to serve this purpose. I honestly can't wait to see what God has in store for us and the adventures that our life will bring.


JTP said...

I love your blog :-) and to see the pics of Ty in the hospital compared to the pic of her in Guatemala- simply a miracle :-) how awesome!

Hilary said...

...and inspired many many readers

yay for one-year of heartfelt stories and leadership!