Sunday, June 28, 2009

swim team

Riley and Ford are doing swim team this summer. Let's just be honest- they suck, I mean, are not the best swimmers out there. We love them though. Ford can't stand the meets. He dreads them all week. He asked why he has to do meets. I told him that they were just like soccer games. His reply? "But soccer games are fun." Soccer games are fun because Ford is good at soccer. Swim meets are not so fun because Ford is not so good at swimming. Basically, he is so competitive that he cannot enjoy swim meets because he knows that he sucks, I mean, isn't the best swimmer out there. He does love practice, so its not complete torture for him.

Riley doesn't mind the practices or meets as long as she gets to do this:Socialize, that is. Because that's what swim team is for- socializing.

If you haven't done swim team, just know that it's a culture all of its own. Meets are the land of milk and EZ Ups.

Ford practicing his breaststroke while waiting for his race
It got so bad during the backstroke that the coach had to jump in and save Ford from sinking
I mean, if this doesn't say butterfly stroke, I don't know what does

Ever the cheerleader, here's Tyler doing her thing

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Colton's Journey said...

I know those days all so well.. and yes the socializing is VERY much part of it. Don't forget to put the sunscreen around the tops of the ears...ouch i still remember the blisters. HAVE FUN!