Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pictures, pictures & more pictures

I am still processing all that we did and saw in Guatemala. I will definitely be posting on that soon (beware- it will be emotional and may stir some things up). For now, here is more photos then you probably ever wanted to see from our trip. Pictures truly tell the story better than I ever could.

Guatemala City
The neighborhood that we worked in (built over the city dump)

Brady & I kicking the ball with a new friend

Making the concrete

Tyler was oohed and aahed over like crazy. It was seriously out of control. The women couldn't keep their hands off of her and I know that she bridged so many gaps.

The finished product- a new concrete floor

This women asked to bring Tyler into her home. She obviously didn't have much of a home by American standards, but she still wanted Tyler to be her guest.

This is the current city dump site. Over 10,000 people scavenge in the dump everyday, looking for things to sell.

This is the roof of Darrell & Kristin's house. Brady loved the volcano.

Sightseeing in Antigua.

Still best buds

The first orphanage that we visited was Los Gozomos (The Joyful Ones). It is a small orphanage with about 14 special needs children. This is Riley feeding Lady.

Riley's favorite part of the trip was this orphanage and this little girl- Candy. Riley cried when it was time to leave.

We fit 16 people in the Greene's Explorer to go to dinner. This is all of the kids in the back (Tyler didn't really sit back there and she is naked because she pooped all over her clothes).

We used Tuk Tuks to get around. They are little rickshaws with 3 wheels. Both of the boys say they are their favorite part of the trip. This is Ty on her first Tuk Tuk ride which was really funny because the streets are cobblestone so she bounced around like crazy.

Riley got a Guatemalan outfit to wear for her school presentation.

This lady made a sling and asked to carry Tyler in it.

Dinner after a day of sightseeing- both Tyler and Darrell are wiped out

We love the Vanzants!

This is Hermana Pedro- a hospital in Antigua. Children with severe physical and mental disabilities live here. It is a heartbreaking place.

Riley & Melvin. He cannot walk or speak, but his smile lights up the room.

Ford played with this boy for awhile- trying to grab the blanket he was swinging around.

The children are kept in cribs, but really they are cages

And finally, even Tyler got a Guatemalan dress


Lauren Simons said...

Sarah, I just wanted to tell you how much your pictures lift my soul today. To see your children acting with true charity and compassion...what a beautiful example. What a great mom to share with them those opportunities! Thanks for sharing with us also.
Lauren Davis Simons

Jenny McMasters - Photographer said...

Wow! What an incredible visit you had! I was brought to tears by the picture of the boy who looks about 5 yrs old who is kept in the cage (crib). What a horrible existence! I cannot imagine such terrible treatment of children! I am sure you were a beacon of light and hope in their day.

JTP said...

what an amazing trip!!!! The pictures are fantastic! Everyone looks great, and Tyler's little chubby rolls at her ankles make me smile....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more, way to go Goodies! I can't believe those cages, what's up with that? much love, Thrash

Tay's Mom said...

wow sarah. amazing pictures. heartbreaking, but inspiring at the same time. i loved the picture where you can see one of the women about to lovingly pinch tyler's cheek -- you can tell how much happiness your family brought to those beautiful people. thank you for sharing, and for doing an amazing job at raising such a caring, compassionate, giving family. love you, girl!