Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are here and we are loving it. It feels like we have been here forever and yet the time is going by too fast. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Guatemala City laying a concrete floor in a woman's home. She lives in a neighborhood built over the city dump, so her flooring was dump dirt full of a sundry of trash (old tooth brushes, metals, dirty toys, etc.). We also got to go to Brady and Cindy's house and help them celebrate Charlie's 4th birthday. Brady and Cindy lead Young Life (Vida Joven) in Guatemala. They are amazing people following God's call. Now we are in Antigua where we will spend the rest of our time. Darrell and Kristin rented a beautiful house for their stay here and all of the kids had a big slumber party last night.

So, I put together a little something to share some of our experiences from the past few days.

Important lessons that we have learned (or re-learned) from our time here so far:

-If you show up at the airport and they tell you that you need a ticket to travel internationally with a lap child, don't freak out. Be thankful that the airline worked out a decent price for you and that you made it to Guatemala.

-After 12 hours of traveling, expect your baby to pass out when you lay her down on the bed to unpack.

-If the airlines lose one of your bags for a day, just let your 7 year old wear her 3 year old brother's underwear and shorts.

-A family of 6 can fit in one hotel room (although you may not get much sleep with a 3 year old and 6 month old in bed with you).

-Our kids like to work really, really hard.

-Don't put a glass cup in the reach of a crazy 6 month old who grabs everything in sight. She might (hypothetically) grab and then break the glass, cutting her little finger. Again, don't freak out. Even when you can't stop the bleeding.

-It's really, really frustrating to not speak the language of the country that you are in. You want so desperately to connect.

-The people of Guatemala are amazing.

-And money most definitely does not equal beauty.

-It is really, really good to reconnect with old friends and serve alongside them.

-The woman of Guatemala LOVE babies. Tyler actually did some of the best outreach work of any of us. She brought so many smiles to so many faces.

-Because the woman of Guatemala love babies so much, don't be surprised if they take off with your baby. They just want to show her off and will return her later.

-People working with Vida Joven are literally risking their lives daily to go to lost people and introduce them to Jesus through a relationship.

-Little Brady loves Big Brady.

-There is an indescribable joy serving as a family unit. It feels right, good, and pure. We're supposed to do this together and be in this together.

-The Gospel is so powerful! It brings life and hope to those living in a dump with so little. Why doesn't it bring life to those with so much? Are we too blind to our need?


Anonymous said...

I love the post! As someone who loves families (I grew up in a family of 6), I love it that your mission and passions are a family adventure.

Keep up the great work, and keep inspiring other :-D

Breanne said...

bring it. i loved reading this and knowing how to pray a little better. :) so wish i was there, but i'm there in spirit! can't wait till monday so i can hear all about it. me and the minivan had an adventure, will tell you all about that. you can thank me later...

love and miss you peeps. your house is too, too quiet!!!! bring those kiddos back!

Kristin said...

So inspiring, Sarah...we will keep your family in our prayers!

JTP said...

What a great post!

Erica Parsons Piner said...

You are so inspiring! I love seeing your family serve God in such a good, pure and right way. The people of Guatemala have been blessed to be in your presence and I'm sure you have been blessed to be with them and to love them and serve them as God so wants you to do! You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Gettin it done, that's what I'm talkin about!!!

Brady Greene "Chepe" said...

Big Brady feels the same way.

We love you all.