Friday, May 29, 2009

tyler update

TyTy (as she is so affectionately called) is doing great as I'm sure that you have gathered from recent blog posts and pictures. She is active, alert, has good coloring, is developmentally on track, and smiles more than any baby we've ever had. She is a little peanut compared to her big brother though- she weighed 17 lbs at her 6 month appointment which is what Brady weighed at 2 months!

I recently took her to the hematologist for more blood work. He wanted to check her cbc (complete blood count) one more time and also test her for hereditary spherocytosis (read here for more info on that). If everything comes back normal Tyler will be given a clean bill of health and will be released from the hematologist's care. Our pediatrician did mention that if Tyler got sick it could trigger another hemolytic anemia episode. Not exactly what an already paranoid momma wants to hear, but it is reality.

Going back to the hospital again was such a weird experience. My emotions were so mixed. Driving that drive again and walking through those doors takes me right back to 6 months ago and the complete brokenness and fear that I lived in for 8 days. Watching them take blood from Tyler and seeing her cry brought back memories of all of the blood that they were constantly taking from her. Her little veins were completely shot when we left the NICU. Needless to say it was really, really hard to be at the hospital again.

On the other hand, I was so thankful that Tyler is now healthy and we are back to "normal" life. How I longed for "normal" life during that time. I was thinking about how thankful I am that Tyler is healed and home. Then I felt such devestation for the families currently living in the NICU world. I thought about the fact that even though Tyler is home another sick baby has filled her NICU bed. I was at the hospital that day with a healthy child while too many others were there with very sick children. It was a rollercoaster of a day and I don't think that this post is doing it much justice. Just know that there was real brokeness and thankfulness that day.

From a broken body and broken hearts... a healthy body and thankful hearts


Anonymous said...


I just stumbled upon your famiy's blog - and can I say, I'm in love! You have a great writing style that is both interesting and entertaining, as well as doing a great job of keeping your friends updated :-D

Keep up the posting!

alyssa said...

i love the tongue out pic!! glad she's doing so well!