Monday, May 18, 2009

New Adventure

Our family has heard the rustling of the leaves in our everyday opportunity to give ourselves away.  For the first quarter of the year we took on monthly challenges.  These pushed us to think outward, give, and equip ourselves better to love others.  We may pick up the monthly challenges again, but we are currently full steam ahead in a new adventure.

We know our call is an everyday call to live different, be sacrificial, and love those around us.  The Young Life ministry gave us a great platform to do this, but since we left the occupational ministry world a year ago we have known there has been a void to fill.  About six weeks ago the void began to feel really big and I told Sarah something is coming.  We need to be aware of opportunities.

Here were a few of our desires behind the void;
(1) We long to jump into an adventure with others who desire to be a missional community.
(2) We want to be a part of something that requires sacrifice.
(3) We will be planted in our neighborhood, town, schools, etc. for a while, so....
(4) We want a way to introduce our existing community to "life to the full" in a unique way.

Then, through many different happenings we were led to be involved with a project our church ( is launching.  These happenings include an array of things like;
(1) We heard from a friend that our church was shaking some things up.  I responded with, "I want to be in on the front end of whatever that is!"
(2) Through a bizarre series of events, a friend of Sarah's (her husband is the staff representative leading this project) approached her to see if we would like to be a part of the project lead team.
(3) Some friends we made when building houses in Mexico a couple years ago committed to be on the lead team.
(4) A conviction during a Saturday night celebration service at our church.

The combining of our desires, encounters we don't consider chance, and a huge opportunity before us has led us to committing to 3 months and maybe more to the South County Project.

We will write more about the mission behind the project, but for now I can at least tell you we are ready for risk... ready to step into something new... ready to GO to South County (that's where we live)!

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The Ward Family said...

Wow... you guys are amazing - your passion to be WORLD CHANGERS for Christ is contagious and I am so excited for your adventures to come! Thanks for allowing me to follow you on blog! your family is precious!