Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm sure that they are many of you wondering why in the world we would be crazy enough to travel to another country with our entire family. I admit that there are days that I am completely overwhelmed with the reality of it. There are days that I want to back out, wait until the kids are older, or leave the kids home and go by ourselves. There are days that I am scared. There are days when I think about my health issues and am convinced that I can't do this.

And every single time those fears creep in it is obvious to me that they are not from God. I have no doubt that we are called to love on the poor. The Bible is so clear on that issue. It is also clear to me that I cannot wait until my children are older to teach them this principle. I cannot say to Riley when she is 11 years old, "Honey, you need to love the poor and defend and take care of them" and then expect that to suddenly become part of who she is. It is something that needs to begin early and then nurtured throughout life. While Brady and Tyler will certainly not remember this trip to Guatemala, they will grow up with a passion for taking care of others. They will know no other way to live life. It will be second nature to them- something they have always done because I don't know that empathy and compassion can be taught later on down the road.

Blake and I have made a decision to open our children's eyes at an early age. They will know that life in America is not most people's reality. They will know of hunger, poverty, homelessness, abuse, and neglect. They will know that this is not what God intended for His creation. They will know that we, as His church, are the ones He has called and commanded to do something about it.

I read so many blogs where the authors write so beautifully of why we must "go." I long to be able to write like that and articulate so wonderfully why we are doing this. All I can do is share this quote:

Over and over, when I ask God why all of these injustices are allowed to exist in the world, I can feel the spirit whisper to me, “You tell me why we allow this to happen. You are my body, my hands, my feet.”

and this quote:

Most important, if we take Jesus seriously, we will realize that meeting the needs of the poor is a primary responsibility for His followers.

I can direct you to my thoughts on our trip to Mexico. And I can put up these few paragraphs from our very first blog entry:

It was a year ago that our family experienced an awakening. It’s an awakening that we hope and expect to change the course of our lives forever. In July 2007, we spent some time in Mexico where we built a few houses for those in need and spent some time with a few of the locals. Our young family endured the challenges of spending four days in minimal living conditions and overall we enjoyed our time. We didn’t come away from our four day trip with any new profound thoughts, but it was clear to Sarah and I that our family, our lives, need to be lived out in a new way. We want to live a life of GOing - a life of action - as part of a revolution.

We see following Jesus awakens us and inspires us into action. The revolution of Jesus isn’t for the faint of heart or the middle of the road. It isn’t safe. It isn’t comfortable. It costs us a great deal to say yes, we will GO. We take hold of the revolution by abandoning ourselves to Jesus and letting go of everything else. GOing is a decision we are called to make daily, moment by moment - a call to choose others before ourselves... a call to be awakened to the needs right around us, and to respond through action.

And so, once again, we will GO.

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Breanne said...

Flip, this gets me fired up. For reals. And it makes me so wish I could jump in your suitcase. You guys have taught me so much of what it means to live it out and you've been the support I've needed to blindly trust - thank you.