Saturday, March 7, 2009

the real oc

Oh, Orange County, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I love thee for the cop who had nothing better to do than scold me for having 1/4 of my car in a no parking zone when I was
dropping Riley off at school.
I love thee for the woman who brought her dogs to Bible Study.

I love thee for the Maseratis and Ferraris that I see weekly and pray not to hit.

I love thee for the woman in line behind me waiting to get
free tickets to go ice skating who proclaimed, "Oh forget it. This line is too long. I will just pay for my kids to go ice skating."

My personal favorite OC moment is from a few years ago when we were in full time ministry and had to raise our entire budget. A woman said to Blake, "I wish that we were rich so that we could give more to Young Life." This woman and her husband own a 1.5 million dollar home, have 2 Mercedes and 2 children in private school. Man, I wish that she was rich too.

Here's us poor folk* enjoying our free ice skating.
*I hope you know that I'm being sarcastic since the mere fact that we have food in our refrigerator makes us among the most wealthy in the world.


JTP said...

what a great post :-)
ps- could Tyler be any cuter????

Tay's Mom said...

i love it. the "oc" just seems so idyllic. so beautiful and perfect. lots of beaches, rollerskating families, and sunny skies with no humidity. i love that you have bored cops and cookey people and frustrating mega-rich too. makes me feel like i'm not missing too much. except the lack of humidity. i do want that. ;)