Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We are making an effort to live differently this year through monthly challenges. In January, Sarah and I read Crazy Love, by Francis Chan ( It was our hope to find inspiration for radical living. I will post later this week some highlights of the book.

In the final chapter of Crazy Love we came accross our inspiration for February's challenge. Francis Chan mentioned a church in southern California who is doing their best to live out one of God's greatest commandments, "Love your neighbor as yourself." The church has decided to give away 50% of their budget. We would like to follow their lead.

This month we have decided to give away as much as we spend on food for ourselves. The thought is that if we truly love someone as much as we love ourselves, how can we justify spending more on ourselves than we spend on them. The concept seems logical and simple to me. However, as simple as it is, it requires quite a bit of faith - especially during our current economy. We really have no idea where we will find the extra $700-$800 we are giving away, but obedience doesn't necessarily involve knowing, planning, logic, order, etc. We just simply do it, because we are told to.

One day we hope for every dollar we spend, we give one away. It really makes sense to us.

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