Sunday, February 15, 2009

first snow

Riley has been relentlessly begging to see snow. So, we surprised the kids today and took them to the mountains (after stopping at 4 stores to find gloves and hats). Blake and the 3 big kids inner tubed while Tyler and I watched. I asked Riley if the snow lived up to all of her expectations and she said that it was even more wonderful.

I swear, Brady had 3 layers on his top half and 3 layers on his bottom half, but somehow his butt crack was still hanging out

I think that the boys are ganging up on Riley

I think that the face says it all


Tay's Mom said...

at first, i was thinking about how much riley looks like you. then i looked at blake and saw so much of him in her too. she is such a beautiful combination of you both. and, as a mommy to a butt crack bearer myself, i LOVE brady's bend over shot. so adorable!

Melissa said...

Your kids are so stinkin' adorable! :) I'm glad they got to experience snow. There's not too much of that stuff here south of elevation, but N.C. had a doozy a few weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! Brady's bum made me laugh out loud, literally! And the happiness on Riley's face was palpable! Oh how I love the joys of childhood!! Thanks for posting! Stacy S. Walker

Kristin Vanzant said...

Love it!

Mark, Jamie & Hazel Thrash said...

Way to go Goody's, I didn't hear about this. Looked like so much fun, much love, Thrash