Saturday, January 3, 2009

A step towards radicalness

One day in late October I opened the laptop and pulled up the Internet. I always glance at the featured news on Yahoo’s homepage and every so often I click on a link to read more. This day I saw the caption “Couple Eats on a Dollar a Day.” I’m not sure if it was my own desire to discover a cheaper way to eat or if I was simply intrigued by their action, but I was curious and I wanted to read more.

After reading the couple’s blog (, I was impressed that people are out there trying to live differently, trying to learn, and make a difference. I started to wonder what kind of challenges I could institute in my life that would change the way I think, act, live and how that may also benefit others.

As I brainstormed ideas I decided to do something different each month in the coming year. My hope is to involve my family, involve my community of friends, and hopefully even get others doing something different in their lives.

A couple friends and I are reading the book Crazy Love (, by Francis Chan to start off in January. We are committed to finishing it (that’s a big challenge for some), writing a sentence about each chapter, and discussing how this may help us live radically. Sarah and I are also choosing to read it to each other in hopes of impacting our marriage and family.

The future months will include actions that will impact the social, personal, relational, and spiritual environments of life. I look forward to the days of living differently, with challenges, with sacrifices, and with discipline. I expect to be changed and cause change…

A few ideas for the future:
• Volunteer at the same venue each week
• Volunteer at different venues each week
• Eat on strict budget – donate unspent money to the needy
• Prepare meals and deliver them to the homeless twice a week
• Spend an hour in silence each day
• Only speak positive comments
• Listen to a podcast everyday and journal reflections
• Write a letter to someone different every day
• No TV


Scott & Jamie said...

You guys continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for us. We miss you and think of you often...when we think of you, we check in for pictures and stories here! Thank you for spurring us on to a life worth living.

Breanne said...

blaze, i love it. i'm all in. i'll join your quest - i mean what else do i have to do in the next 6 months :)

also, finished Crazy Love in the plane on the way here - it was great. would love to process it more.

keep doin' big things...

Carpenter Family said...

i love/hate that you linked that blog, i can't stop reading it.. but i was getting ready to post on similiar topic.. hmm maybe its the new year and all.. but think its a wonderful concept to be fleshing out and doing in community

Melissa said...

No Tv? Not even on January 20th? ;)

Kristin said...

Love the book... Love the challenge... Love the Goodfellows!

Great to "catch up" with you all a little tonight.

Love you,