Saturday, January 10, 2009

fun times

So, we got the Wii Fit. Since I have never worked out in my life I know that many of you are shocked and are questioning everything that you know about me. I gained 60 pounds in my pregnancy with Tyler, so I figured I should probably do something to help take off the lbs. I have since realized that I chose wisely because I'm pretty sure I'm losing just as much weight from the laughter as from the actual work outs. I also realized that both Blake and I have pretty much no control over our mouths while we're playing. Hopefully our kids won't be adding any new words to their vocabulary. Here's some pictures so that you can share in our joy...

Ski Jump

Hula Hoop

And now for the grand finale...
(trust me, you don't want to miss this)

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Erica Parsons said...

Oh wow...the video was hilarious! I love that in the hula hoop pics all the other kids are doing the moves too! We're getting one because of this!