Sunday, December 21, 2008

or maybe tyler looks like this one

Brady (2006)

Tyler (2008)
She's a less chubby version.

And now they're best buddies since they are the two that are home together all day, every day!
"Don't cry, TyTy, I brought you some toys...

and a kiss."

"I love putting stickers all over you- too bad you can't do anything about it."


Purifoy Family said...

The picture of Tyler is SO sweet! Still no word on the blood tests?

Al said...

these pictures are precious...i can't wait to get a chance to meet tyler some day <3

Donna~Blessed Nest said...

Sarah, so glad she is home and well- I had not idea what you where going through. Good to know you blog!! I read your profile, How exciting that you're adding another little blessing to your family. I will be praying!!

The Leonards said...

They are ADORABLE!