Friday, December 5, 2008

happy birthday ford!

As crazy as things have been around here we still had a very important birthday to celebrate today (and tomorrow as we go to Disneyland)- Ford is 5 years old! So here are 5 things that I love about Ford:

(1) His attention to detail. You can't get much past this kid- he sees everything, hears everything, and notices even the tiniest changes around him. I can't wait to see how this translates as he gets older and if this plays into what he does with his life.
(2) His laugh. If you've heard it you know there's no other laugh like it. It's one of my favorite sounds in the whole world.
(3) His need for touch. I admit this sometimes wears me down a little bit, but it really is sweet how he just wants to be close and touching those he loves. Needless to say, Tyler is getting A LOT of touch and love right now from Ford. He can't keep his hands off of her.
(4) His sense of justice. Ford sees right and wrong, fair and unfair very clearly. I hope and pray that this sense of justice only becomes more broad as he grows up and he becomes a man of God who stands up for those who are treated unjustly.
(5) His neurosis. Ford is our mentally fragile child (I hate to label him, though, because this will only add to his neurosis). He is very sensitive, very ocd, and seriously cannot turn his brain off. We should definitely already be saving up for his future need for therapy. While there are times that we wish this wasn't something that Ford has to deal with, his neurosis is endearing and makes him who he is.

All that to say, I really don't need to list the things I love about Ford. The thing about Ford is to know him is to love him. Enough said. There's no one else like him and he will win your heart over in an instant.


Al said...

Happy Birthday Ford!! Your mommy is know you, is to love you <3 Ya'll have so much fun at Disneyland...miss each and every one of you!!

Breanne said...

you said it perfectly. this kid has a hold of my soul... love, love, love him and that gut laugh of his :) fordo - happy birthday. i'm grateful God made you who you are.