Thursday, December 11, 2008

happy birthday brady!

Brady has waited so patiently for his birthday, so Happy 3rd Birthday Brady! Here are 3 of the many things that I love about Brady:

(1) His mischievousness & sense of humor. Brady is trouble. Whatever he does usually makes me laugh (I'm sure that I will regret this later). I just can't help it- he's so stinking cute and I love the twinkle in his eyes.
(2) His thighs. If you've seen Brady's thighs you know what I'm talking about. Brady came out huge and we keep waiting for him to slim down a little but it's not happening. His thighs are twice as big as Ford's thighs. They're awesome.
(3) His love of life. Brady enjoys every minute of life- he's so easy to please. Today on our way out of the ice cream store he sat himself down on a rock and asked me to sit with him and "watch people." He strolls around the house singing to himself, in his own world, just loving life.

Thank you, Brady, for teaching me to take life slower and enjoy every moment. Thank you for helping me get through a very dark time in my life simply with your presence and snuggles and hugs. I'm so glad that I'm your mommy.


Al said...

Happy Birthday Brady...I miss your chubby little cuteness!! Sending our love <3

Breanne said...

favorite thing about brady - undoubtedly the thighs. i feel your pain birdy... and i am glad that you were born. you are so charming and so captivating, straight trouble, and so dearly loved.