Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A good-goodfellow day and a faithful God

Hey, it's Bree posting on behalf of the Goodfellows who I just left at the hospital snuggling Tyler with NO phototherapy lights :)

At about noon, the chief of staff was doing rounds and told Sarah that Tyler could go off phototherapy at that point, and if her bilirubin stays below 14 in the next 24 hours, she can GO HOME TOMORROW!!!!  That is such good news.  The blood work results have yet to come back, so it'll still be a few days until we find out what's going on in her little body, but the awesome news is the doctor sees no reason to keep her under lights and at the hospital if her levels are under 14.  

So... the prayer that is needed for the next 12 hours is that she can keep her levels below a 14 between now and 6 am when they take the next labs.  Today her bilirubin was at a 10, so it's looking promising.  Blake & Sarah will post more tonight, but that's the brief version.  
What a blessing to snuggle that little girl for an hour this afternoon.  It makes my heart smile. :)  To God be the glory for the things HE has done! 

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